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Monday, March 19, 2018

Paper Kraft Creations

Graduation is upon us!  From grade school, high school and college.  I have been making homemade cards for about 10 years.  Above is a graduation card that I have made previously. Below are the directions for the one above if you would like to make your own.  If not, I am happy to make a card for you based on your school colors and graduate!  This card has several steps and the hand crafted price is  $8.95.  I take PayPal.  Thanks in advance for looking and for your business.

Directions for graduation cards.  Taken from Fairly Crafty BLOG CREATED BY MELISSA.  

Directions for graduation card:

1)  Cut a piece of cardstock in your desired color of 4.25" x 10"

2)  Score @ 5.5 inches.  Use the tip of your bone folder or score too and make a mark at the edge of the card at 3 3/8" and 7 5/8*.  Turn card over and repeat.  The sample card scores are made with a white gel pen so they can be seen.  

3)  Line up your ruler and score diagonally from each mark.  

4)  Fold on all score lines.

5)  This is the template for the inside of the card.  It is 4" x 5.25" and folded in half (at 2"O.  A mark is made on the outside edge at 2", then cut diagonally from the center fold to the 2" mark.  
6)  This is a template for the "cap".  Cut a 3" square.
7)  This is a template for the "money Holder" part of the card.  Cut at 2.75" square.  

8)  Line up diagonal score mark at the 3" mark on the paper trimmer.  Cut.  
9)  Flip over and repeat.

10)  Punch center hold in "cap".
11)  Insert "tassel" and braid into "cap".  I made the tassel from bakers twine.  

12)  Add glue dot to tack of tassel to hold in place.  
This is the complete product from the FAIRLY CRAFTY BLOG by Melissa.  The one I created is above.
Thanks for following along.  Please contact me at pkcprint with graduation card in subject line if you would like to order a handcrafted card!