Monday, April 22, 2013

I have been trying to lose weight for a long time.  I have been on weight watchers and lost 43 lbs.  However, the last 4 months, I gain 3 lbs and lose them and haven't had any progress all year.  Probably my fault because I have not been faithful keeping up with points and I think I am bored.  I am just tired of it all but need to lose another 50 to 100 lbs.  I looked at the Juicing video that is out there and the man that lost 100 lbs. He did a great job!  I also watched the video on Knives to Forks, giving up all meat and have tried to do that a little.  I also tried to do the Virgin Diet but it seemed to hard for me.  My brain is so confused on dieting issue so I have been straying from my diet.  What to do!?

After having a conversation with my daughter, I decided I am going back to the basics.  I have been looking for a diet that will tell me exactly what to do?!  I need something easy, since I worked 2 jobs and don't have a lot of time.  I have looked and looked and decided I will just do this myself!

No. 1 - I pretty much have breakfast down.  I don't go through McDonald's anymore and eat a healthy breakfast consisting each day consisting of raisin bran, fruit, (banana's or blueberries) and almond milk.  This is all approximately 13 points.  I get 40 points plus my weekly 49.  40 - 13 = 27 points left

Now I leave the first job @ 1:30 p.m., need to eat in the hour of 1:30 to 2:30 and must have a nap from 2:30 to 3:25 because my 2nd job starts @ 3:30?  What do I eat?  I have been going through Taco Bell and getting a bean burrito (9 pts) and Chicken Cantina Burrito (11 pts) (not good, too many points).  20 points leaving me with 7 points from supper.  I eat supper at 7:30. and try to make supper healthy if possible.  This is where I am messing up.  Lunch and dinner.  I am driving for at least 30 minutes from the 1st job to home and must also eat in this time frame.

What will the plan be?  I am working on that and will have more tomorrow to post on this hopefully.